Find your path

Physical pain can be an expression of an emotional and mental blockage. We are able to free ourselves from this inner destroyer once we have succeeded in healing the pain and are then able to focus on the brighter side of life, such as, good fortune and the freedom to create and follow our personal path.

I work with three methods and decide spontaneously which one, or possibly even a combination, is best for you. At all times verbal communication is open, concentrated and intuitive.

Healing can take place extremely quickly if you are open and allow for changes to take place. The duration of the treatment can vary from a single visit to possibly two or three to reach the desired goal. Visits can be personally held in my praxis or remotely via Skype or by phone.

After each treatment you will feel a newly found energy or lightness.

The first consultation always takes a little longer. Please allow for at least 1.5 hours.

Creative Life Flow ® (CLF) is a healing method I developed to bring all levels (physical, emotional, mental, etheral, body, etc) into balance so they can regenerate and process the healing path.

We are all individuals, creative and in each one of us there is something special. Sometimes we need help to reboot, or reload, because we are unable to perceive how to move forward.

Creative Life Flow ® (CLF) helps you to reconnect to essential life. Energy insufficient blockages that hold their roots in our childhood, creating physical and psychological illnesses, are brought to light, treated and dissolved.

My intuition allows me to see and feel blockages through the presence of personal guides and the deceased. The universal healing energy is channeled where it is needed through me as a medium. I combine my experience and talent with the following three methods:

Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing is an intuitive, gentle meridian and spinal column treatment to stimulate the processes of self-healing energies. It is a method that not only addresses emotional blockades, such as fears, depression, low self-esteem, symptoms of stress, etc. but supports the process of eliminating shock, negative thoughts and physical ailements.

Intuitive Coaching

My competence, as a certified medium, includes medial consultation, after-life contact and personal assessment.

I will accompany you on your journey and show you the route with the help of your personal guide and the deceased. You will find yourself reconnected to your soul and earthed in your deeply rooted trust while engaging in the restorative process of letting go.  Ultimately you will sink into an enormous feeling of happiness, freedom and lightness.

The treatment is held in conversation, either in the seated or laying position, with light hands-on body contact.

Quantum Healing

Is a fascinating matrix method enabling underlying topics and patterns surrounding your energy aura and body to be aligned and brought back into a harmony.

This energetic transformative tool is difficult to grasp intellectually and logically. Our self-reverence always strives to release responsibility and ultimately to own your topic in a free manner.

The Matrix-Inform Method is a healing and transformation system. It is a deep application to activate the self-healing energy powers.