Do you want to realize your full potential and use it to the full? Do you want to get rid of fears and live your life without subconscious blocks? I help you through hypnotherapy to create a free and happy life by yourself! The answers lie in your subconscious.

Why Hypnotherapy ?

As an intuitive coach and medium, I recognize the cause of my clients’ “problems” early on. However, it was only with hypnotherapy that I was able to help my clients get rid of old and unwanted patterns & blockages and reprogram the subconscious mind.

In our subconscious mind lie all the answers, all the creativity, and all the power we have lost sight of during our journey through life. The old blocks and patterns that prevent you from living freely and happily can be removed from the subconscious together through your own will.

You will suddenly remember what it means to stand with both feet in life and consciously make new decisions.

During the hypnosis you will experience mental peace, so you will give your mind a well deserved time out.  In deep, mental relaxation, we have an incredible unbelievable creative power. You can break the inner limits and find your way back to life with simple steps.

Our subconscious mind thinks in feelings and images and takes up about 90-93% of brain activity.

If you consider that we can therefore only consciously perceive about 7%, you can roughly imagine how huge the potential is from which we can draw. We make use of this in hypnosis therapy.

Hypnosis is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective and efficient methods to change physical and psychological concerns in a positive context through suggestions in a sustainable and fast way.

Hypnosis is a procedure that induces a sleep-like state – the trance. This opens the way to the subconscious and we can influence it. This enables us to dissolve deep-seated blockages, to get rid of fears and to unfold our resources. As a result, pain can be released, allergies can dissipate, depression can be left behind and much more!

During hypnosis you can communicate with your subconscious mind. You can thus find out what the real reason of your problem is, and also get rid of it right away.

During a hypnotherapy session you are in control for the entire duration and you are able to communicate with me.

```Every fear is a wonderful opportunity that our subconscious mind gives us. A chance to walk on the path of positivity.`` -- Gabriel Palacios

Hypnosis can be used in following cases

Affective disorders
Autoimmune diseases
Burn out
Eating disorders
Decision making
Weight reduction
Skin diseases
Desire for children
Clarification of life situation
Life crises
Performance enhancement
Migraines and headaches
Lack of self-confidence
Panic attacks
Personality disorders
Exam preparation
Psychosomatic disorders
Smoking cessation
Writing blockades
Sleep disorders
Mental disorders
Sexual disorders
Competition preparation
Teeth grinding


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75 minutes hypnotherapy session in my practice in Zurich or online. A hypnosis session can also be done at a distance.
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My fee is CHF 140.- / 75 min.
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Hypnotherapy is unfortunately not yet recognized by most health insurance companies.