Letter to you

Now, as you are reading this letter, you may already feel the connectivity to me.

I have waited a long time for this moment of revelation.

My path was set a long time ago. I didn’t believe in myself and searched for the truth and validation in a variety of training courses through to healing.

In my young years I felt my vocational pull: the gift to perceive and heal, as is reflected by definition in my name; Kalya . One day I just remembered and set off on my path. Kalya means healthy in Sanskrit.

If you feel in one with nature, the universe and the divine, you will recognize your own path with all its abundance. I discovered the depth of love within myself the moment I was able to say YES to myself and to life, this being the most wonderful and deepest emotion one can achieve.

My dear friend, I am here for you. I can meet you at the point in which you are strayed, you are unaware which way to turn and I will accompany you on to your path. I can read the message that lies dormant in you and awaken your awareness with help from your personal guide that leads the way to healing. My part is to serve as a channel through which the knowledge and energy flow that aides your healing.

We are capable to raise the frequency levels that prevail of lives, in order to experience and pass on power of love as being the strongest energy of the universe.

This abundance of energy creates truth, a life full of happiness, health and satisfaction.

Until soon my dear friend!
With love,