One night I suddenly had stabbing pain in my back under my left shoulder blade. I couldn’t explain the origin by any physical effort, movement or anything else.

The intensity was so strong that I could not lie down, let alone sleep. Sleeping was only possible while sitting. I started with the treatment with the Chiropractor, which unfortunately did not lead to the desired success. Kalya was recommended to me by a family member. Immediately I got in touch with her, because the pain or, better said, the lack of sleep became critical. Since I live in Croatia, I described my problem to Kalya by telephone (partly in a direct conversation and partly via short messages). This was followed by two energetic séanse and treatments at a distance. I must admit that at the beginning, perhaps because of my profession as a doctor, I had little faith in the effectiveness of such treatments. Nevertheless, I opened myself to the new experience, listened to my inner voice and trusted it. Already at the beginning of the first séanse, which lasted about an hour, I felt a warm energetic effect and relaxation. I fell asleep without any problems, like a baby. The same was true for the following nights. A few days later, we repeated Séanse. Immediately afterwards I felt a slight pulling of the tissue at the treated area. Kalya advised me not to spend a few days physically and not to do heavy physical work, drink enough water and generally behave as if I had undergone a small operation. The original stabbing pain had completely disappeared and never came back. “In Kalya’s “hands” I felt very safe and secure due to her positive, simple and pleasant appearance. The effectiveness of your actions speaks for itself, is without doubt.

Dr. MP

I have a heart condition and problems with my blood pressure.  Very often my blood pressure is high and I have to take medication to balance it out. I have already had a few surgeries. Kalya often works with me at a distance and helps me to balance my high blood pressure, especially in situations where I am very scared. Thanks to these treatments I can calm down and also influence my psychophysical condition.

I had a very high blood pressure and Kalya managed to raise it from 200 to 120 without me taking any medication. The session lasted 30 minutes.

I am very grateful to know Kalya.


Kalya was so amazing during the reading. She started off by cleansing the space and had me close my eyes. I immoderately felt a lot of old negative energy come up and started to cry it was so powerful. Kalya is able to feel and see where there are blockages so that you can let them come up and out. It opens the door for new energy to come and let more love and light in. I feel like she helped me see where my past pains and old blockages were so I could release them.

With love

Francesca Sefton

Kalya helped me a lot. I call her “my intuitive teacher”. I have very the impulse to talk to her when I’m at some kind of crossroads in my life. stand. With her intuitive coaching and her insights, she helps me to “find the right direction” and gives me the necessary impetus and a feeling of immediate inspiration.

With love,

I. Simunovic

One day Kalya asked me to work with her in connection with her work as a healer. I was not sure what to expect at her briefing. Then she was just there: authentic, clever, open and grounded and I felt comfortable and safe in her presence. It became clear to me that I would ask her for a barter deal instead of a payment for my work: I wanted to experience their abilities in my own body and soul.

I came at a difficult moment in my life when I was no longer sure what was true and what to do. Kalya made. She first treated me sitting down, then on the couch. Never before had I experienced that a body therapist made my energy flow in such a way that I felt it in my body.

What she advised and gave me on my way was strong, meaningful and shaped my actions: she took me one step further.

It is honest with her and without bluff. As open as I am, so delicate am I.

Kalya is true.

À la prochaine,

Claudia Schneiter

The last decade has been more than turbulent, unimaginable, painful for me.
A year ago I started to lose my hair.  I visited several doctors and dermatologists, but they didn’t help me. The only thing I got from a doctor was the strong medication I didn’t want to take. I had severe dermatitis.
My colleague told me about Kalya.  We got in touch by phone and she explained to me how the remote treatment works. She lives in Switzerland and I live in Croatia.
I had respect for such a treatment, but the treatment was very pleasant and 1 hour passed very quickly. I felt the warm energy all over my body and I saw the spectrum of beautiful colours.  She thought I needed 3 remote treatments. 
After only one treatment the hair fell less and the dermatitis was withdrawn. The young hair began to grow on the bushes.  Dermatitis has completely disappeared.
She is also a medium, i.e. it can come into contact with deceased people.  I did not know that at all. My brother died 9 years ago and I could not say goodbye to him. The last 9 years I asked myself thousands of questions, and was very sad. 
In the first session she came into contact with my deceased brother. I was in shock. She got the information from my brother that only I knew. She described him correctly and said the message I should have received from him. Finally I found the peace and quiet I had been looking for for 9 years. 
 The way to healing is not only through doctors, medicines and medicine, but the faith and energy of a person who has a gift from God.
I am very grateful and happy.



Do you know the feeling when you arrive at the right place exactly where you are supposed to be ?
This is my experience working with Kalya. First session I met her in person. The following session she was in Zurich, CH and I was in Berlin, GER.Every advise Kalya gave me as subtle as it seemed to be was on point and helped to release emotional blockages that I carried around with me all my life. What did I have to do? What did I have to do ? Relax, release and trust.
After working with Kalya everything seems possible, I changed my way to look at challenges, my relationships with family, friends, colleagues and finally made the step working independently.
However most of all I changed how I view myself, I believe in me and an confident in my doing. Yes, it might sounds cheesy, but truly feel like a flower finally start opening to its true beauty!
Words can not describe how immensely grateful I am Kalya came into my life.
Very peaceful, very open and understanding. Thank you!

Lea Luisa Strasburger, Berlin

Sometimes we can’t find words and sometimes we have to understand someone who can’t speak. I try to be the ambassador for my four-legged friend, a pure Irish Terrier male Chuck, and to find the words for him. If he could speak, he would certainly say this:
“Kalya is a true friend, not only to my human family, but also to me, and has stood by me twice.
Once I felt miserable as a dog. I couldn’t eat any more and I couldn’t relax either. For three days. The stomach hurt so much that I couldn’t even lie down. When I was absolutely tired, my mistress had to support me standing up so that I could close my eyes and relax. (X-rays showed nothing and the doctor’s diet and tablets seemed too weak.) My desperate mistress Kalya asked for help. From a distance Kalya did something that I can’t explain exactly. She contacted my being and in a few minutes the pain subsided. I felt relaxation, lay down and fell asleep. One hour later I was like new and full of life energy!
The second time it was my knee. The kneecap had been jumping out of its position for quite some time, so I had to lift my right hind leg from time to time while running. At a spontaneous meeting, Kalya put her warming hand on my knee for a few moments and spoke a few soft words to me. That was incredibly good! And again I don’t know how, but my gait was normal again afterwards.
Kalya, your closeness, energy and strength are good. I thank you with all my heart (and I know that you feel that I embrace you in my thoughts)!

Your friend Chuck